wordpress for your new website

Why to use WordPress for your New Website

WordPress is such a huge platform CMS which caters more than 60% of the websites over the internet. WordPress is an open source platform which is very compact, user friendly, easy to use, optimized Content Management System. Today we will be talking about Why to use WordPress for your New Website.

There are many reasons, why you should start your new website journey with WordPress and not with any other platform because WordPress gives you a wide variety of options that you can optimize your website with ease. With WordPress you can choose from many themes available over the internet and many plugins are also available to customize your website.

You can choose from world class Free WordPress Themes available over the internet to get your website ready in minutes. Below are the most effective points for using WordPress for your New Website:


WordPress is Easy To Use

You can create a website yourself with no coding knowledge. You don’t have to learn anything, just have to add some content and publish your article and your website will be ready. Because WordPress is so enormously popular, one current benefit for you is that numerous human beings have experience with the use of it, so it becomes a great deal easier and quicker to train new personnel or editors after they be part of your organization.


WordPress has lots of plugins

Given the recognition of WordPress, it’s not shocking that plenty of developers have created extensions for it. within the WordPress world, those extensions ar known as “plugins”. They’re items of code — fairly often free — that reach the core practicality of your web site and save your developer time (which saves you money).


WordPress is Old

WordPress is over 10 years previous. It’s not buggy and it won’t crash your web site or erase your knowledge. throughout the past decade, WordPress has been refined, tested, and increased. within the method it’s evolved into a best internet publication system.


WordPress is scalable

If you’re a publisher or event organizer, you would possibly want over one web site to market numerous components of your business. With WordPress that’s ne’er a haul. WordPress, with its multi-site capabilities and theme-based structure, can enable you to form new sites among a matter of days and fraction of the initial investment.


WordPress makes SEO Easy

WordPress started life as a blogging platform, however has evolved into a sturdy content management system that’s versatile enough to be used for a lot quite blogging. The superb heritage that WordPress is legendary for and that has created it wanted by bloggers and marketers alike is its extremely effective search engine optimization (SEO) options, that are baked into the core of the CMS. And you can’t place a worth on sensible SEO optimization!

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