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5 Approaches Responsive Web Design benefits your SEO

Smartphones are becoming a major part of a human life, huge number of people are connected through their smartphones in their daily life. Hence they browse websites and do their work through mobiles only.

That’s due to the fact purchasers are hooked on smartphone and tablets. And that isn’t changing any time soon.

So responsive layout design is the basic necessity of a website to cater. Instead, it has end up a standard thing of any search engine optimization plan, regardless of enterprise.

Desktops are used less and mobiles are being used more and more. Hence we will have to think that way. We as designers have to make all our design responsive so as to cater our customers ease to browse through our websites.

Hence we’ve jotted some key approaches of how Responsive Web Design benefits your SEO of the website.


1. Increased Site Usability

Playing with user’s mind is the trick to success. Give the user what he wants. If they are on a shopping website, give them filters so they can choose from different categories, colors, etc and so on. If user thinks this website is more user friendly and let me choose my desired choices then they will be more likely to come again to the site for searching different products.

So make the website more user friendly or in terms of design, make user experience as your utmost priority. Mobile experience is a very attractive point in making a website. User craves for simplicity yet functionality.


2. Faster Page Speed

This point is obvious. Who doesn’t loves going fast, or browsing fast. Everyone wants to save their time. Hence faster the website is more they can make out from it. The speed of the website is in the hands of designer and webmaster. Designer can compress the files of the website to make it more light and make optimization of the website easy. Webmaster can maintain the website with optimization of such as images videos etc. So users doesn’t have to see the website is loading page animation again and again.

Making responsive web design will definitely speed up your process faster as the website will load faster on the mobile. Only the code done for mobile will be executed hence speeding up the mobile execution.


3. Decrease Bounce Rate

This is yet another technical term. It means when users enters your website and when they leaves your website. More the bounce rate is, less your chances of conversation. Suppose, a user only saw your website for 20 seconds, so your bounce rate will become high at that point. This shows that the user didn’t liked your website or your content, as he/she didn’t get indulged into it.

bounce rate SEO

So make the user see your website more. If they enters your website they remain in it for longer duration of time. You can increase it with adding more interesting content that user wants to read or if you have product website, then add different products that your users want to see to buy them.

Creating a responsive web design will surely boost your SEO and also it will help users to stay on your website longer because of the ease of usage of your website. They will surely not leave your website any sooner.


4. Less Duplicated Content

Upto some limit the duplicated content is bearable but you should definitely avoid using any duplicated content. You can take suppose one or two lines but using more than that is really not recommended and it will in turn not give you any success. Make your own content.

Making your own unique content will help your responsive web design website to have more content available for the users and hence they can read your whole website with ease and with uniqueness. No one wants to read the content twice.


5. Social Sharing

Responsive web design will help users to share your articles/post to social media. Whatsapp is a very active social media which is only on smartphone so users will have the accessibility to share your posts on whatsapp so your website get even more traffic.


So these were the top 5 ways that responsive web design can benefit your SEO of the website. If you want to head over and take a shortcut to SEO of the website then you can checkout our responsive blogger themes that will give your website instant boost up.


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