HTTPS Everywhere

Https Everywhere: Blogger and WordPress

Its a great deal to make the Internet more secure and free from all sorts of vulnerabilities. Hacking is very common on the Internet and everyone is urging to make their website, network, servers more and more secure so they don’t get hacked. The basic securing must be done by opting for HTTPS Everywhere.

HTTPS protects the integrity and confidentiality of data sent between websites and visitors’ browsers. Blogger and WordPress platforms has announced free HTTPS in order to place one more layer to the security of the websites hosted on and Blogger with the domain name blogspot.

Blogger has incorporated HTTPS for every blogspot domain but not for custom domains as that will be provided by the 3rd party domain registrar. For example, this blogspot template domain is now on HTTPS:

HTTPS Redirect in Blogger

Blogger has also added a new setting called HTTPS Redirect that allows you to opt-in to redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS. While all blogspot blogs will have an HTTPS version enabled, if you turn on this new setting, all visitors will be redirected to the HTTPS version of your blog at https://<your-blog> even if they go to http://<your-blog> If you choose to turn off this setting, visitors will have two options for viewing your blog: the unencrypted version at http://<your-blog> or the encrypted version at https://<your-blog>

blogger https everywhere redirect

WordPress has also incorporated the HTTPS protocol for every custom domain hosted on and not on

In WordPress, the changes are automatic — you won’t need to do a thing.

Google also announced HTTPS Everywhere is used as a ranking signal in search results, with HTTPS-enabled sites ranked above their plaintext counterparts.

HTTPS is a fundamental security enhancement to your website. Everyone should opt for it. Cheap SSL certificate management is now be done by WordPress for domains and Blogger for Blogspot domains.

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