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Is it really possible to create a website without hiring a programmer or a web agency?

Creating a website is a rather complicated task that largely makes your business depend on it. A website not only allows you to show your business endeavors to the world but also make your business popular during the COVID-19 pandemics when the majority of your potential customers stay at home and are busy with their distant work or network surfing. Still, hiring a web designer might be an unpredictable and costly task, especially when you only begin your business or not quite sure about its success. The following material will definitely show you both sides of the issue and help you to make up your mind about making your own site without extensive coding knowledge. 

Why you may NOT hire a website designer

First and foremost, consider if you need a website designer at all. Business observers state that sometimes hiring a website designer can turn out to be a costly mistake. This originates from the very point that the designer is not you and is unable to read your thoughts on what you actually wish to put on your site. What is more, one single mistake like a wrongly created SEO algorithm can cause your business to be at the end of every potential customer’s Google search. And lastly, your business venture may drown in the necessity of paying additional money for sales funnels, conversation optimizers, content additions, related/unrelated advertisements, and much, much more. So, think about it, do you still wish to give a web designer a try in this?

No Knowledge – No Problem

If the answer is no, you should not lose your heart or give you any doubts if you can do it yourself. Still, it is possible to create your own site without extensive payments and much expenditures for the separate services of a web designer, content maker, marketing, Google prioritizing, and other options that might occur on your way to success. Numerous resources advise you to start with certain trusted website builders that may assist you with all those functions at the same time, e.g., WordPress. There, you will already see all the necessary functions that you might require depending on the type of your site, expected design, related searches, and other options.

You only should make your decision on several specific points, that will release you from the necessity of learning programming and coding to make your website possible:

  • Domain name
  • Web hosting provider
  • Proper website-making software
  • Content

As you have all of them, you can start making your website from any place and at any time. Let’s overview how the web builders work and what potential they may offer if you wish to work with one of them.

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Web Templates and Website Builders

So, what is a website builder, after all? First and foremost, it is a fully functional and intelligent website template that allows you to edit, add, optimize, and fill your site with all information needed in your business. In no time, you will be able to find the proper layout, good-looking imagery, fill in several polls and you get your site in no time and at a relatively low price. The only requirement for you is to have enough content to fill all the segments that the online template allows you. If you are interested, here you can find more information on the comparison of the most trusted website builders where you can choose the most appropriate and relevant to your price policy and your merch type. For example, if you seek the most intuitive website builder, you may go with Wix, while if you require specifically e-commerce sites you can choose Volusion, which specifically has no transaction fees in case you perform your payment operations directly. As you can see, the creation of the website yourself is much easier than it looks. What is more, it removes the necessity of creating your own website from scratch and adding their specific parts for blogs, transactions, plugins, SEO instruments, marketing tools, or staying online for hours searching for your perfect design.

If your site is smaller than a regular all-inclusive website system, you may choose some of the ready-made website or blogger templates that are already offered online. They can be of any preferable kind – from everyday casual style to the specifically created for certain occasions like Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Year Trends, User’s Choice, or any other kinds of attractive headlines. The templates might be both free and paid, but remember to be creative so not every other 100 sites off there will have the same or similar design. You can consult 50+ best fashion blogger templates 2020 here, and find out if there is something that may help you wish for smaller businesses that do not require big sites or excessive expenditures. Still, before you make your choice, consider all the potential your business can reach with the full-fledged website in case it becomes international or highly in-demand. As you can see, no extensive knowledge is needed to use or compare their options.


Now you can definitely see that hiring a programmer, a web designer or a web agency might not be as crucial as you might have thought before. What is more, you do not have to become a full-fledged programmer yourself to use interactive, intuitive, and comparatively easy website builders to make your website possible without the potential thousands of dollars spent on the highly unpredictable result. Therefore, just list all the necessary ideas you wish to put in your website and make sure you have enough content to create it. Consider if you need a full website with a system of complicated blocks or merely an advertising blog and, eventually, choose a website builder or a web template to your liking. We are sure that you will find it more entertaining to create something special of your own as all these online instruments do not limit your imagination. Try your hand at creating your own and be sure – the result will positively surprise you!