characteristics of a good website

Characteristics of a Good Website

In case you’re an designer, you may pass judgment on Characteristics of a Good Website. While the plan and presence of a website matter, that is just one of a few factors that will assume a part in deciding the website’s prosperity.

Here is a glance at the absolute most significant elements to remember:

1. Quality Content

Eventually, Visitors go to your website in view of the substance. By and large, they’re searching for something explicit. They could be searching for an asnswer to an inquiry, searching for an item to buy, searching for diversion, or something different relying upon the kind of website.

Eventually, Visitors go to your website in view of the substance. By and large, they’re searching for something explicit. They could be searching for an asnswer to an inquiry, searching for an item to buy, searching for diversion, or something different relying upon the kind of website.

Content is the main component of any website. In the event that you need to have a quality site, you should zero in on giving Visitors the best substance that will address their issues. Try not to permit configuration, site improvement, or some other parts of the website to take need over the substance.

2. Clear Purpose

Why does the website exist?

Each webpage ought to have a particular reason, and that reason ought to be obvious to Visitors inside the initial couple of moments of showing up at the website.

Your website’s motivation will work inseparably with the particular activity you need Visitors to take. For instance, if your website’s motivation is to sell an item, you need to lead Visitors toward the activity of adding the thing to their shopping basket and finishing the checkout.

Great websites utilize suggestions to take action that lead Visitors toward the expected activity. This could be identified with purchasing an item, rounding out contact data for a lead age website, planning an arrangement, picking in to an email rundown, or some other explicit activity.

Without a reasonable reason and without a solid source of inspiration, the website is probably not going to get results.

3. Functional and User-Friendly

Viable websites are not difficult to utilize. A baffling user experience makes it harder for Visitors to track down the substance or answers that they’re searching for and will expand the odds that they’ll leave the site prior to making the ideal move.

4. Simple and Attractive Design

In case you’re searching for motivation, see our assortment of moderate website plans.

A website doesn’t need to be showy to look great. Truth be told, straightforward and clean plans and designs are frequently the best. A straightforward website can look proficient while furnishing the proper substance alongside a fantastic user experience.

5. Easy Navigation

Navigation will have an enormous effect on the user experience. Successful navigation will make it simple for Visitors to discover what they’re searching for while helpless navigation will disappoint users.

Most websites have an essential navigation menu with connections to the significant pages or centers of the webpage. Bigger destinations may utilize dropdown navigation menus or even uber menus to make it quicker and simpler to get to any page on the website.

All together for the navigation to be compelling, the substance of the site should be organized intelligently, which can turn into a test with bigger locales.

For certain thoughts and motivation, see our grandstand of wonderful navigation menus.

6. Fast-Loading

Visitors are eager. We live in a speedy world and we anticipate moment answers and reactions. Your website needs to stack rapidly to give a positive user experience. Slow websites are probably going to lead visitors to leave and head off to some place else.

There are numerous components that factor in to the stacking pace of your website, yet everything begins with quality facilitating. One of the principle reasons we utilize and suggest WP Engine is on the grounds that websites on their workers load rapidly and keep visitors cheerful.

7. Mobile-Ready

Portable clients represent a continually developing level of generally traffic. Numerous websites today get the greater part of their traffic from Visitors who are utilizing cell phones. Your website totally should give a quality encounter to portable Visitors.

The most widely recognized methodology is to utilize responsive plan to give a solid client experience on any gadget. Fortunately, this is not difficult to do with the entirety of the quality formats that are accessible. You can utilize a decent multipurpose WordPress theme or a responsive Shopify theme to prepare a versatile website with no additional work or exertion.

8. Unique

The best websites will stand apart from the group. There are various ways you can make your website stick out: better plan, excellent articles, a blog, a bulletin, some kind of asset or instrument. Discover something that would be interesting to your objective market and ensure that your website gives them a convincing motivation to visit.

9. Fresh

Staying up with the latest will energize rehash Visitors who will be more faithful and bound to purchase.

There are a couple of various alternatives for keeping your site new:

  • Update the site and add content periodically
  • Utilize a blog. With a blog, you can add substance to your website without any problem.
  • RSS channels – With RSS channels you can add news features, climate, stock tickers, and so forth to your website.

10. Optimized for Search

While there are various approaches to direct people to your website, web crawlers (especially Google) represent most of traffic to most websites.

Search traffic is significant in light of the fact that Visitors are searching for precisely what you have to bring to the table. Furthermore, if your site is positioning for the watchwords and expressions that are generally pertinent to you, it will deliver on-going traffic for a long time.

A decent website is web search tool cordial. For explicit and significant hints, if it’s not too much trouble, see What Makes a Website Search Engine Friendly?

11. Secure

A decent website is likewise secure, both for the proprietors of the website and furthermore for Visitors. Security is a significant concern nowadays, regardless of whether you’re not tolerating Visas or preparing orders on your site. Quite a while prior, internet business websites were commonly the solitary locales that utilized SSL certificates, yet now, that degree of safety is suggested for each website.

Fortunately, most web has make it simple to get a SSL certificate for your webpage. Bluehost incorporates a free SSL certificates for any website facilitated on any of its arrangements. WP Engine additionally incorporates a SSL authentication.


At the point when you’re making a website, regardless of whether it’s for your own business or for a customer, there is a great deal to consider. Ideally this article assists with calling attention to the absolute most significant components that ought to be tended to by any website to effectively address the issues of visitors.