7 Amazing Blogger Templates That You Don’t Want To Miss

Have you ever been considering creating a amazing website, but haven’t had the proper concept? If the solution is yes, then you definitely are in for a treat due to the fact we are giving you a treasure chest of blogger template to share. That’s right, today we present to you our most wonderful new blogger templates, all for your benefit. These babies have all the bells and whistles with advanced tools and the modern tendencies, to help you effortlessly deliver your most lovely desires to existence – on a stunning website.

Are you sitting on the edge of your seat yet? Get geared up to be blown away, right here is our contemporary series of completely customizable templates:


Featured Personal Blogger Template

If you’re looking for a personal blogger template which is filled with all latest features and is Search Engine Optimized then look no further! This template has everything you need and is very smooth to navigate. The design is incredibly eye-catching. You visitors will have fun scrolling & browsing. Extra features are: Estimated time to read a post, Color bar on top for that tells how much the webpage is left for scrolling, hidden sidebar reveal on click, etc.

oddthemes blogger template

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Groovy Fashion Magazine Blogger Template

The template with advanced functions makes your fashion magazine gorgeous and responsive. This template is uniquely suitable for the purpose of presenting modern fashion items. It is a professional and clean design magazine blogger templates that you can use for articles, interviews, galleries and showcases.

fashion magazine blogger template

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Stylish Magazine Blogger Template

The Stylish digital magazine template is sophisticated and elegant, to have your readers to appreciate it. It gracefully incorporates digital elements like video and scrolling text, making the reading experience both efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

The stunning design provides a subtly dramatic flair that makes this digital magazine blogger templates both exciting and sophisticated.

magazine blogger template

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Brownie Personal Blogger Template

A stylish blogging template suitable for blogs, and tutorial blogs that want to maintain that classical field of grid-like blog blogger templates or standard posts. The clean design helps a bit as it improves the website speed. It has different kind of design

personal blogger template oddthemes

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Autumn Personal Blogger Template

Looking for a fully customizable blogger templates for redesigning your personal blog. Here is the charm of your blog. It has a very boxy look and is very different from other designs. It sports a featured slider on top with some sharp edge designing technique.

personal blogger template oddthemes

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Couture Personal Blogger Template

Couture is a free Blogger Template crafted with bloggers in mind. Hypnotise your audience with Couture’s classic, clean design. It has a notable Featured Boxes so that you can showcase your featured posts or products. This is a fully 100% responsive blogger templates design which will enable your audience to check out latest updates from you on their Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, etc.

personal blogger template oddthemes couture

[button link=”http://www.oddthemes.com/2016/05/couture-personal-blogger-template.html” size=”small” text_size=”gamma” newtab=”on”]Free Download[/button] | [button link=”http://www.oddthemes.com/2016/05/couture-personal-blogger-template.html” size=”small” text_size=”gamma” newtab=”on”]More Info[/button] | [button link=”http://shop.oddthemes.com/blogger/couture-magazine-blogger-template/” size=”small” text_size=”gamma” newtab=”on”]Buy Theme[/button]


Technext Magazine Blogger Template

It is a premium looking template which is going to make your website stand out from the rest. Technext has twelve color schemes to choose from; pick the best one which suits your website. There are social bookmarking icons to help you in growing the social presence of your business or blog. It features a gallery which lets you upload images of your choice.

magazine blogger template oddthemes

[button link=”http://www.oddthemes.com/2016/04/technext-magazine-blogger-template.html” size=”small” text_size=”gamma” newtab=”on”]Free Download[/button] | [button link=”http://www.oddthemes.com/2016/04/technext-magazine-blogger-template.html” size=”small” text_size=”gamma” newtab=”on”]More Info[/button] | [button link=”http://shop.oddthemes.com/blogger/technext-magazine-blogger-template/” size=”small” text_size=”gamma” newtab=”on”]Buy Theme[/button]


Are you feeling inspired? Get started on your free website template today with OddThemes!


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