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5 Pros and Cons of an Auto Website Builder

Today demand for a website has become so common and even necessary at times that in response to it, ads for different website building platforms can be seen everywhere. These auto website builders give you quick and easy options to help you build your website online within few hours. However, the question is are these platforms for everyone and for all types of projects.

An auto website builder is a tool for you to create your very own desired website. However, like most things, these online platforms also have their own set of pros and cons. Normally, building a website on these tools apply content management system principle, which means that the website design and content are two separate elements. However, these online tools are most often thought to be most suitable for businesses, freelancers, photographers, bloggers, designers, and professionals from many other industries as well who may or may not require a web store.

However, when you are looking for an auto website builder, you should try and find a platform that best suits your needs such as with type of templates they offer and how user-friendly their customizability and variability in editing is. Where some people might get overwhelmed with options available and some might find same options too plain for their needs. Luckily, with the kind of options available in market, you can do your research and make a decision that works best for you.

Platforms like Weebly, Wix and Webgen, just to name a few, offer services that are packaged with website templates and user-friendly tools that make it possible for anyone to make their online store, online portfolio, blog or any other kind website, without having coding skills or hiring a developer. That’s one of the reasons for why these platforms are gaining popularity lately.

However, for better understanding, here are 7 pros and cons of auto website builders.


Pro: You can do it yourself

If the idea to build your own website appeals to you but not knowing HTML and CSS is holding you back then an auto website builder is just the right tool for you. Moreover, using a website builder will actually help you learn and become more familiar with working of web designing.

Furthermore, majority of these platforms will provide a certain number of free templates options and then you make necessary changes to it by adding images, content or color scheme. These free templates are perfect for you if you are looking for a quick fix, with limited content.


Con: Features are more or less limited

If you are an experienced designer or even have good know-how of website designing then you might get frustrated with limited options and features that these platforms offer you. All these platforms provide limited free templates and other design feature that may be different.

However, auto website builders will leave you desiring something more, if you are looking for robust features and tools, like with WordPress. Where the interfaces of online website builders is easy, it is overly plain in the terms of what can be done and what cant.  


Pro: Tools and features are comparatively inexpensive

Many of these platforms provide pay as you go packages, and if user need most basic tools and features then the services can even be free for user. Moreover, if one goes for paid package they can get special features like removing all branding from the website and many more expanded tools.

These premium members of auto website builders can benefit from high-end packages and most robust features. Offer these premium packages offer some extra integrated add-ons such as special ecommerce tools, enhanced analytics and email or social media integration.  


Con: Budgeting for up-charges

If you have decided to go for the free package offered by your auto website builder, you need to make sure in advance that all features and tools you will need for your website are being offered in the free package. If not then you should look into pricing as they vary from one platform to another.

Just to be on the safe side you should see to it that you know how to contact support and help of your auto website builder in case of an unpredicted situation.  


Pro: All you need comes in package

All the tools and features a user may need will come in the form of a package with an auto website builder. These packages most of times don’t stop at just design features but the price also include website hosting services as well.

Hence, an auto website builder can be considered an all-in-one kit from design tools, creating a website, take it online to keep it online as long as user may want. 


Con: Most probably user will have to work from a template

Most of these website builders only have few handful options of templates that don’t necessarily look different from each other and this is one of the biggest limitations of such platforms.

However, only some of these platforms allow the user to add HTML so that they can make some sort of customization. Moreover, you will have to make a bit of extra effort to adjust the template to better suit the user’s content and style.


Pro: No coding skills and required

Majority of these auto website builders are created for all kinds of audiences with or without coding knowledge and skills. Their aspects like drag and drop feature allow even a layman to build their own website.


Con: You get what you see

If you have had a custom built website in past, then you may have experienced what had started on small scale grew bigger as new additions were made. However, with auto website builders you only get what you see. All available options are for you to see in the prepackaged deals and these are the only tools and features you are going to get throughout the process.


Pro: Auto Website Builder are fast

Building a small website will only take a couple of hours with an auto website builder. With predesign templates, all you need is SEO content, images and any other graphics you may want in your website and as soon as you fit them in y9our design, your website is audience ready.


Con: Backup offered can be limited

This may be a concern for some people and not for others, not all of these platforms offer good backup. Hence, if it is a concern for you, then you should consider this limitation of auto website builders.


Author Bio: I am Carla Houston and I am a part-time Digital Marketer and Writer Of Webgen. I have always enjoyed writing as my hobby and profession.  I try to write and publish content that help my followers in staying updated with digitalization of the world.